One Up Digital Marketing is proud to partner with, a legal marijuana dispensary located on a Native reservation in Carrollton, NY. Our mission was to design a comprehensive online platform that facilitates secure e-commerce transactions, streamlines on-site operations, and reflects SeneCali’s unique brand identity.

What We Did

Building a Cohesive Brand Experience

Brand Development
Leveraging their existing logo, we crafted a custom color scheme and branding elements for a cohesive online presence that resonates with SeneCali’s values.

Intuitive E-commerce Platform
We developed a custom e-commerce website tailored to SeneCali’s specific needs. The platform boasts comprehensive product listings, a user-friendly shopping experience, and features like quick view and filtering for optimal product display.

Integrated Point-of-Sale & Online Ordering

Unified Sales System
We implemented a fully integrated on-site Point-of-Sale (POS) system, including the setup of two dedicated cashier computers. This ensures seamless order processing and inventory management.

Streamlined Online Ordering
We created a custom online ordering system that seamlessly integrates with the POS system for simplified order fulfillment. Customers can conveniently pre-order products online for in-store cash payment (currently in progress).

Enhanced Functionality & Security

Multi-Level Access Control
We established customized user permissions for employees, allowing product updates on the website while restricting access to sensitive information.

Real-time Monitoring
To empower optimal management, we installed advanced website monitoring tools, providing a comprehensive overview of website operations.

Loyalty Program Integration
We implemented a custom points and rewards loyalty program to enhance customer engagement and encourage repeat business.

The Outcome’s new e-commerce platform and branding elevate their online presence. The integrated functionalities ensure efficient online ordering, streamlined in-store operations, and insightful data analysis. With a user-friendly interface and customer-centric features, is well-positioned for continued growth within the legal marijuana market.