Horse Rescue Outreach


One Up Digital Marketing is proud to collaborate with Horse Rescue Outreach, a non-profit organization dedicated to aiding horses in need and the individuals who care for them. Our objective was to develop a website that streamlines their adoption process, facilitates donations, and raises awareness about their mission.

What We Did

Custom Website Design & Development
We crafted a user-friendly website with a custom color scheme that reflects Horse Rescue Outreach’s mission and brand identity.

We established a donation page that links to their preferred payment platforms, enabling seamless online giving for supporters.

Horse Adoption Management System
We designed a custom system that allows Horse Rescue Outreach to effortlessly list horses available for adoption, complete with detailed descriptions and captivating pictures. Once a horse finds its forever home, it’s seamlessly transferred to a designated category showcasing heartwarming adoption success stories.

Event Management System
We developed a custom calendar system and event pages to showcase upcoming fundraisers and events.

Request for Support Functionality
We developed a “Request Support” form, providing a convenient channel for individuals seeking assistance with their horses to connect with Horse Rescue Outreach.

The Outcome

The Horse Rescue Outreach website serves as a comprehensive platform to streamline their adoption process, centralize donations, and connect with a wider audience. The custom functionalities and user-friendly design empower Horse Rescue Outreach to effectively fulfill their mission of aiding horses and their caregivers.

In the 3 months after the site launched 3 out of the 6 rescue horses were adopted!
Donatello | Serafina | Captain